Manager Coaching

Tutorial Topics

The tutorial covers the following eight (8) topics:

(about 10 minutes per topic)

Acknowledging Integrity
Agreements Intention
Communication Models Responsibility
Incompletes Ultimatums

—to include clarifications of the following words:

cause deceits lying
caring discipline manifesting
completing effect perpetrations
control goal space
creating helping withholds
The tutorial also addresses:
  • Creating a safe space for communication to take place.
  • Identifying and disappearing barriers to the experience of communication.
  • Recognizing the differences between talking, lecturing, advising, assigning, telling, teaching, informing and communicating.
  • Completing earlier (mostly childhood) communications that presently serve as barriers to you producing the results you say you want.
  • Expanding your experience of certain words—moving from the realm of understanding or knowing-about, to knowing the definitions of key words essential to the communication/leadership mastery process. Words such as goal, purpose, integrity, intention, agreement, responsibility, withholds and perpetrations.
  • Expanding your ability to elicit (cause/create), welcome and value coaching and feedback.
  • Ethics, standards, policies, rules, agreements
  • Sex discrimination issues
  • Racial and sexual bias
  • Evaluation/counseling issues

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Optional/Additional Topics:

You may request conversations with the Tutorial Coach about any or all of the following subjects.

  • Conducting job applicant interviews that produce your stated intentions.

  • Employee Clearing and Evaluation Form (handout provided).

  • Delegating: Having an employee do the job correctly the first time.

  • Creating a context for zero badmouthing and negative gossip.

  • Being clear about accidents and what they are about.

  • Elevating everyone's integrity.

  • Getting to the source of what cheating and stealing is about.

  • Getting to the source of and eliminating tardiness.

  • Inspiring, motivating and uplifting others.

  • Your family support system.

  • Handling pay raises (yours or another's).

  • Identifying dissatisfied employees.

  • Acknowledgment vs. praise or flattery: How to shut down an employee by saying inappropriate words.

  • Correction vs. criticism.

  • Identifying various expressions of covert hostility.

  • Getting to the source of and disappearing covert hostility.

  • Withholds: Identifying the signs.

  • Writing a self-fulfilling purpose.

  • Creating a team.

  • Creating a context for open, honest and spontaneous communication.

There are two ways to begin the tutorial:

You may begin the tutorial with the first of the 8 tutorial topics, or, you may start by posting a question on the Manager's Tutorial Message Board. It's best to start with a problem that's foremost on your mind, in that way you create space for communication to take place about the eight specific tutorial topics.

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