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What's the tutorial about?

The Communication Skills Tutorial for Managers expands one's ability to create mutually satisfying communications. Specifically, it's about supporting you in manifesting the results you say you want—for yourself and those with whom you relate.

It's virtually impossible for the tutorial to not impact you and yours favorably. Why? Because that's what happens when communication takes place; it impacts all concerned—for life. The difference between talking and communicating is that talking produces more of the same less than desirable results.

What's the philosophy?

The tutorial is an experiential discovery-learning process. It presupposes that when one has an intention to learn, he/she learns. It's not a pass or fail kind of process. A coach/teacher supports one in acknowledging what they already know.

Most everyone has a pretty good understanding about how life works, the trick is to pass through understanding to knowing, so that it flows automatically. Few choose to put their hand in flames once they know (have learned via direct experience) that fire burns. Knowing, as opposed to understanding certain communication fundamentals, gives one choices, often in the middle of a conversation; eventually one becomes adept at formulating intentions that work for all concerned.

During your conversations with the coach you will find yourself identifying specific communication barriers, most are left over from childhood conversations; these barriers run you to this very day. Most people are unaware of their barriers, much like a fish not being able to see water. 

The tutorial is nondenominational and nonsectarian, The tutorial supports open, honest, and spontaneous communication, zero significant thoughts withheld.

The tutorial is not therapy or about changing yourself, or making decisions to do things differently or doing things a "right" way. There is no outside reading and nothing to memorize.


How does the tutorial work?

The tutorial presents certain fundamental communication principles in the form of short paragraphs. You'll read a sentence, paragraph or topic which will end with the reminder, "Time for feedback." You'll post your thoughts about it on the Manager's Tutorial Forum. Specifically you will let the coach know what you agree and disagree with. The tutorial works to the degree that you're willing to communicate all your thoughts. The coach will offer feedback (coaching). You'll reply and continue with that post/topic until both are satisfied. 

There are two ways to begin the tutorial:

1) Let the coach guide you sequentially through the 8 topics.

2) Begin the tutorial by addressing a subject of your choice—you do this by posting a concern/question/problem on the Manager's Tutorial Message Board. If you have a consuming consideration it's best to address it first rather than try to communicate on top of it.


Who is the tutorial for?
The tutorial is for:

elected officials
board members
office managers
sales people

law enforcement personnel
relationship couples
health care professionals
head of households

Coincidentally, the tutorial is for those who serve and support the above designated leaders; it's for those who are willing to learn how to manage their managers.

If you are trying to inspire the health of a loved one (overweight/addictions) or your child to do well in school, then this tutorial will be of immense value.

It works extremely well for couples who wish to improve their communication-support skills, empowering each other.  Job satisfaction, health, prosperity, and the experience of love are all by-products of your leadership communication skills.

What's nice is the tutorial is private. No one needs to know you're doing it. The Manager's Tutorial Message Board is password protected.


The promise of the tutorial:

I promise if you complete the tutorial you will find yourself communicating effectively more often with your employees, associates and family members. Effectively here means, through-to-mutual-satisfaction.

Most participants acknowledge that they experience being about 90% more powerful almost immediately as they are doing the tutorial and that they eventually taper off to being only 10% more effective than they were before doing the tutorial. The question then becomes, what could you accomplish if this coming year you found yourself 10% more powerful* —without having to change or learn anything—simply by having conversations with a coach?

Kerrith H. (Kerry) King
Tutorial Coach

* "powerful" meaning: The ability, tendency, and motivation to cycle through problems (creating-having-completing) —as opposed to procrastinating and putting up with. The leaderships skills to affect the behavior of others in a positive way. An aura of strength, confidence, and certainty. A surge of creativity.

What does "communicating effectively more often" look like?

  • When you communicate a task it will be done as envisioned.

  • You will notice a significant reduction in the number of errors.

  • Tardiness will be rare.

  • Negative gossiping will be rare and cleaned up to everyone's satisfaction.

  • Meetings will begin on time with everyone present.

  • You'll notice an attitude change for the positive.

  • You will notice employees coming to you to acknowledge their broken agreements, perpetrations, and withholds.

  • You'll notice forms and reports done accurately and on time.

  • Stats will reveal far fewer "accidents"** and sick days.

**  As you expand your ability to be a safe space for the truth to be told employees won't have to dramatize their upsets and resentments through unconscious thwartings, "accidents," and covert sabotage. You'll notice everyone around you communicating their upsets openly and honestly, more frequently, including their ideas on how to increase profits. Eventually everyone will become used to communicating spontaneously rather than withholding thoughts out of fear.

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