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    • The tutorial is divided into eight (8) topics.
    • Each topic takes 5 - 10 minutes to read and another 20 - 30 minutes to post feedback (your thoughts about what you read) on the Manager's Message Board (MMB).
    • It takes about (4) four hours to read the tutorial. It's recommended that you divide the tutorial into (8) sit-down sessions.
    • After you post your feedback wait approx 24 hours and come back to the MMB to read any replies, comments or coaching on your post. Most replies come from the Tutorial Coach, others come from fellow Tutorial Participants.
    • Between sessions notice what happens with your communications. You may also post specific personnel/relationship problems on the MMB.
    • You may take up to six months to complete the tutorial. You will have one year from enrollment date for free on-line consulting from the coach and unlimited use of the MMB thereafter.
    • You will be asked to make an agreement to complete the tutorial within six months.
    • If you quit and do not complete the tutorial within your six-month agreement that would be consistent with you learning what you need to learn and essential to your growth and enlightenment process. In other words, procrastinating, lying or breaking agreements, as we did during childhood, is essential to becoming honest and trustworthy.
    • You may freely use the Manager's Message Board, during and after the tutorial, for as long as there are participants. You may have free on-line consulting from the Tutorial Coach for up to one year from your enrollment date.
    • The tutorial is not a pass/fail process.
    • It's not about reading leadership tricks or techniques and going out and trying them. There is no outside reading. No homework assignments. You will find yourself communicating from a different ground of being, automatically handling situations differently and appropriately without trying.
    • None is required. Tutorial Participants have free unlimited use of the Manager's Message Board (MMB) a place to get answers to specific questions/problems, and they are encouraged to do so. During the first year participants may direct questions on the MMB to the Tutorial Coach. Various fee-based consulting services are available thereafter.
    • You may request to join an online Support Group or even a Private Support Group. A Support Group keeps you on purpose, cuts back tremendously on procastinations and supports the experience of integrity
    • We do not sell or give your data to others. (ever)
    • We contact you by email only in support of registration, webmaster, link, or Manager's Message Board (MMB) problems. If we receive "tutorial content related" questions via email we post them on the MMB.
    • We do not inform others that you are doing the tutorial.

      For example: If you work for a company or corporation we would not write and tell your supervisor about the problems you are having with him/her.

      Also, we would not use your participation as a way of getting your boss to do the tutorial.

      If you reveal that your CEO is embezzling we will support you in learning how to communicate in support of him/her cleaning up the mess, however, we would not contact him/her or the authorities.

      If you reveal you are embezzling we will encourage you to come clean however, we would not contact/tell/communicate/reveal in any way, anyone at all about it.


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Once you start the tutorial you'll be given a password that entitles you to free consulting, feedback/coaching on our Manager's Message Board (MMB) for up to a year from the start of your the tutorial. © 2000
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