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Privacy Policy

I will not give or sell your name or registration data to anyone, ever.

I contact you by email only in support of registration, webmaster, link, or posting problems.

I do not send out surveys, announcements or follow-up questionnaires. There are no follow-up tutorials. If upon completion of the tutorial we (you and I) find our relationship to be mutually supportive we may agree to co-create a business communications skills support group so that we can expand upon the value.

Your password-protected tutorial posts are read by me the Tutorial Coach and fellow tutorial participants. Sometimes our tutorial conversations are monitored by other tutorial participants or my clients—from time to time they post feedback/corrections to my/our posts.

I consider my communications with tutorial participants to be as confidential as those of clergy or attorneys.

If I receive email that contains tutorial related material I reserve the option of posting it in the Message Drop (no registration required) for all to read. I do not support private conversations via email.

Kerrith H. (Kerry) King
Tutorial Coach © 2000
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