Sentence 5

He keeps lying to me ... is a blame statement.

A responsible statement would be, "I'm not a safe space for him to tell me the truth." "I don't know how to get into open and honest communication with him." Or, "My own integrity is so out I couldn't tell when he was lying."* With responsibility, you don't have to start out understanding how you are responsible, you merely must be willing to talk about the problem from how you caused (created) it. 

For example: "I was not aware that I was the cause, that I unconsciously intended for him to lie, and, I still don't see it, however, I'm willing to look at it and talk about it from that point of view."

 * If you have compromised your integrity then you have lost some of your ability to hear many kinds of lies and deceptions (About Lies and Lying). Your genius is to bring someone into your life to mirror your out-integrity.

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