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Leadership Communication-Skills Tutorial for Law Enforcement Professionals*

This free tutorial is about refining our definitions of specific communication variables that affect all outcomes; specifically, it's about expanding our** ability to elicit truths, to create space for others to relate respectfully with and around us.

One significant difference between coaching and counseling/therapy is that there is no stigma associated with coaching; communication coaching is about discovery (education); it's not about finding what's wrong with you or about getting better. It's about picking up where college/university speech-communication courses leave off.

* A professional is anyone in the law enforcement community willing to communicate responsibly, from cause; one who accepts responsibility for the results they produce for themselves and for those with whom they relate.

** "...our..." Facilitating a tutorial works for both of us; for certain it keeps me awake and alive. —Kerry

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> Asking questions
Just as there is a way to ask a question that causes someone to shut down, withhold, or deceive us, so too is it possible to create space for communication to take place, for the truth to be told.

> Barriers
Most people have barriers to being comfortable with police; they find they have absolutely no choice other than to mirror an officer's leadership-communication skills.

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