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Leadership Communication-Skills Tutorial for Law Enforcement Professionals

This tutorial is about the communication variables that affect all outcomes; specifically, it's about expanding your ability to elicit truths.

It's about acknowledging what it is about you and your present leadership communication-skills that cause some people to have no choice other than to resist, thwart, or lie you, to disrespect you—often before you've even opened your mouth.  It's about what you unconsciously bring (the vibrations of your personal integrity) to each interaction.

The difference between coaching and counseling/therapy is that there is no stigma associated with coaching; communication coaching is about discovery (education); it's not about finding what's wrong with you or about getting better. It's about picking up where most leadership speech-communication courses leave off.

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> Asking questions
Just as there is a way to ask a question that causes someone to shut down, withhold, or deceive you, so too is it possible to create space for communication to take place, for the truth to be told.

> Barriers
Most people have barriers to being comfortable with police; they find they have absolutely no choice other than to mirror an officer's communication skills.

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